A Vacation To Remember

by Claire R., Age 14 , Grade 8, Holy Trinity Parish School, Louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Sarah Reinhart


A Vacation To Rememberer

By:Claire Russell 8R Red

    Have you ever been so surprised that you don’t even know what to do? Well, one cold December morning, I was, Christmas Eve morning in fact. I was in a phenomenal deep sleep, since it was still very early. That was when my little sister started to run in all of the rooms upstairs waking up my brothers and me. One could have thought something was wrong, but little did we know that it was actually about to make our entire Christmas break. Since it was still early, we didn’t think that our parents would have even been awake yet, but I guess my little sister had already woke them up.

    Since we were now awake, we raced down the stairs to see what was going on. Halfway down the stairs we were stopped by our parents. That’s when they started filming us as we continued to walk down the rest of the stairs. When we got to the kitchen there were three small bags sitting on the kitchen table waiting to be rummaged through. We were beyond confused as to what could be in them. There was no tissue paper in them, no names on them, no nothing. How on earth were we supposed to know whose they were? Our parents proclaimed to us that we could choose which one we wanted to open. Each of us grabbed a bag and started digging through it. I ripped the item out of mine and it was something that was wrapped. I immediately ripped the wrapping paper to find out it was just one of my little sister’s Mickey Mouse bowls. I was beyond confused. I quickly looked over to take a peek as to what my brothers and sister unwrapped. My brothers got oranges and my sister got a lemon. We all looked at each other puzzled. 

     It wasn’t longer than 2 seconds when me and my older brother jumped up and down with excitement. We knew exactly what it was. We were going to the Citrus Bowl! It was all making sense now, because oranges and lemons are citrus fruits and the bowl… well that was a word in the name! We were filled with so much joy we couldn’t see straight. We were going to go to Florida for a week and we got to watch and support our favorite sports team play down there. We had been begging to go to this for at least a month and a half and the whole time my Dad was like “No, we won’t be able to go” and look what happened! He even told us that we couldn’t get plane tickets but fortunately enough he got them. This was an excellent start to our Christamas of 2018. Now all we had to do was wait and wait and wait some more. We knew the whole trip was most likely going to be a blast with all the Kentucky fans being there, the activities that there were going to be, and just going to Florida in general. 

     About a week later we left for our flight at about 3p.m. We headed off to the airport in a rush, so we weren’t late for our trip. Luckily enough, we had a direct flight to the city of Orlando. Little did we know this was about to be the vacation of a lifetime. 

     It was about 12a.m. when we landed. We got our rental car and went directly to where we were staying, which was the Universal Studios resort. It felt like a very long and exhausting car ride, despite the fact it was only a 30 minute drive. We eventually arrived at the resort and started to haul our luggage in. The front desk assistant told us that we would be on the second floor, so that’s where we wandered off to. We walked past the arcade with more video games than you could imagine and colorful lights striking from every square inch. I already knew that we were going to have a blast on this trip. We rounded the corner and there it sat, our room. We opened the door and we all knew something wasn’t going to end well. There were only two beds, one bathroom, and we have six people in our family. This would be the first fight of the trip: where everyone would sleep. No one wanted to sleep with each other so it was going to be a painful first night. After arguing with each other about where to sleep I ended up sleeping on the pull out couch next to my sister. After a long day we were some weary travelers. We all collapsed in the beds and were fast asleep.

     The first day of the vacation wasn’t that great. It wasn’t the day of the game and it wasn’t a day to do anything. We just relaxed and swam at the pool. When it came to the second day though… oh we were in for a real treat! We were going to Universal Studios! We had been there as a family once but to go twice was a real surprise! We went bright and early and came home mid afternoon. We went on almost every single ride there and just had the time of our lives. Although we had had so much fun, there was still the one thing that we had been waiting for, the ultimate reason we came, the Kentucky against Penn State bowl game. The third day, this was where it was at! I’m guessing you can only imagine what we did! We went to the game! 

     After getting all of our gear on and getting our voices prepared to scream, we headed off to the stadium. I don’t think I have ever seen more Kentucky fans in my life. As soon as we pulled in the parking lot, it just looked like a sea of blue! All around were Kentucky fans and were definitely higher up on the scales than the Penn State fans were. We were there just in time for us to go to the Catwalk. This is where all the players and coaches go by to get into the game. We stood there, the sun beating on us, for what felt like an eternity. It was the longest waiting I had ever done. We thought we had perfect timing, but really we didn’t. The busses had been late and all the fans were just standing there waiting. Everyone was dripping in sweat and touching arm to arm because of all the clusters of people waiting to watch. I nearly wanted to leave and that was when I hear “GO BIG BLUE, GO BIG BLUE.” It had been the cheerleaders, who were the start of the Catwalk. I scurried over and watched all the players as they walked by. Screaming and shouting for each one, just knowing that we really needed to win this game. 

     When the catwalk was over, we went back to the tailgate waiting anxiously for the game to start. I was begging my dad to let us go in the game and eventually he got tired of hearing it. We headed over to the gate and walked in. We walked up what felt like 100 flights of stairs just to get to our seats. Once we got to our seats we sat down, waiting for the game to start. 

     All throughout the game we were cheering and screaming for the Cats to win. We were not going to come all the way here to watch them lose. Some frightening moments and some confident moments in the game, we were able to come out of this adventure with a win. This officially made it the best trip ever! We left the stadium with joy and all were so excited about the big blue nation taking home another trophy to Lexington! We went back to our resort and hung out there for the rest of the night. The next day we were going to be back to traveling, so we knew we had to get well rested up! 

     Early the next morning we were all up packing our stuff to go home. We loaded it all back in the rental and returned to the airport that we came from three days ago. The vacation had been a blast and we all secretly knew that this would not be the last time we would be visiting a Kentucky bowl game! What an awesome surprise my siblings and I had received! Who ever would have known waking up early on a December morning and opening random bags, would have ever took us to Orlando! Sometimes it’s funny how life’s directions take you, but we need to enjoy the little moments to get to the fun ones!

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