first sight

by Avarie A., Age 13 , Grade 8, Louisville , KY USA
Teacher: Sara Reinhart

First Sight 

By:Avarie Adams 

     It was a Monday afternoon, I was in the 4th grade. My carpool picked me up just like normal. Little 8 year old me was just thinking it was a normal day. Oh boy was I wrong. I get to my red-brick house at 3:04. We pull up in a big white suburban. The first thing I noticed was that the family I carpooled with got out of the car with us. They never do that. I just didn’t really mind it. I hop up the steps, really excited to get inside and eat my snack. Before I even touch the door handle, the door opens and both of my parents are standing there.

     My mom had the biggest smile on her face. My little brother just pushed past me and stumbled into our house. “Wait wait wait buddy!” My dad pleaded. 

“Ya sweetie you and your sister just sit and wait by the door, okay?” Asked my mom. We did as she said. I was just curious, this had never happened before. And, the people I carpooled with were still there. I was totally lost. I had no idea what was going on. 

     Next thing I know, I see the most adorable, furry, lovable puppy ever. A gray, blue eyed, baby French bulldog waddled out from behind our pine table in our living room. He was just the cutest thing I had ever seen. He came out all innocent and cute. My brother practically jumped from the floor! He was so surprised. I was just in shock. So much shock. I was not expecting this at all. 

     In just seconds I was holding the most precious thing I had ever seen. He was SO cute and innocent. “Can his name be Star Wars?” Asked my brother.

“No, I was thinking about Rebel.” Said my mom.

“I like that name.” I said.

From that moment on, the Adams family had a new member, Rebel.

      My family and I had spent hours and hours lovin on our new puppy. He was the perfect fit. We were all playing with him and trying to potty train him, which didn’t work very well. He eventually figured it out. My mom acts like he is just another little brother to me. Rebel is a perfect edition to our family, he never fails to make us laugh. I could never imagine my life with out him.

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