Yoshie Shiratori [Part 1]

by William D., Age 13 , Grade 8, Holy Trinity Parish School, Louisville, KENTUCKY USA
Teacher: Sarah Reinhardt

Yoshie Shiratori was arrested for a murder he didn’t do after being tortured to put himself under the bus. This started when he was young. His parents divorced and abandoned him at the age of 3. As he got older, he naturally got into the wrong group. Someone in the group killed someone else. The group decided to turn on Shiratori and blame him. He had two options, get tortured by Japanese policemen, or go to jail. He was eventually sent to prison sometime in 1933.

          After being in the prison, getting beaten every day by prison guards, standing the harsh cold, and him possibly being put into death row, he knew it was time to go. Even though it wasn’t too easy to escape, he had nothing to lose. His attempt was made at around 5:30AM. He studied the guards routine for months and knew there was a 15 minute time period no one checks in the inmates. He used a metal wire he got off a bucket the inmates use to clean themselves with. He picked the lock open, but he only had a few minutes to pick the remaining locks. He did not hesitate and was able to escape with a nick of time. There was one problem, he was well in the search perimeter. Luckily he was smart enough to put floor boards to fool the guards.

          Only three days later, he was caught at a hospital, stealing supplies to attempt to heal himself from multiple beatings. He was sent to a different prison. The guards knew about his inhuman ability of lockpicking, so they treated him much worse than before. He had to not only get daily beatings, but sleep on the concrete floor, and constantly do very hard manual labor. Only one guard didn’t treat him horribly, which was the head guard. He showed pity and often checked up on him. He was commonly put into solitary confinement for days on end. It was specifically designed to prevent escape artist from escaping, with a tall roof, walls that were almost impossible to climb, and the only sunlight coming from a small window at the top of the roof.

          Sometime at around midnight, a guard peered into his cell. He could not believe what he saw. Shiratori had disappeared into thin air. All that was left was his prison clothes, neatly folded up, and his handcuffs. There were multiple theories on how he escaped by the guards. The truth was that he had used some metal found on the ground to lock pick his handcuffs. He did this every night for months while the gaurds weren’t looking. He would use another one of his inhuman abilities to climb up the “unclimbable” wall and would loosen the wooden frame, little by little. He finally broke it. He waited until a specifically stormy night, so when he escaped, no gaurds would hear him walking on the roof. As soon as it was discovered that he escaped, the alarm was sounded, but he was long gone.


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