The day i became invisible

by Miradi Mwanza T., Age 12 , Grade 6, Kerria Primary School, Atlantis, WESTERN CAPE SOUTH AFRICA
Teacher: B.Petersen

In my school there are so much bullies, they take over the school and act like kings. Everyday they take of my lunch and money. i asked my father to make an science experiment to make me invisible and it worked.
The next day i went to school i felt so powerful, no one could see me. i smaked people but they couldnt see me it was halirous. i played a lot of pranks and turned lights on and off people taught it was a goast.
At the end of the day i didnt feel that special, because i could talk, laugh and play with my favourite friend , i felt lonely.
i had the most fun they but i had to be turned back visible. my father did an undo invisible potion and i was back to nomale.
at school i taught that ahh now i will be bulied again but every heard from my father that it was me doing all the tricks as a goast. all the kids that it was cool, they beacame my friends an named me the invisible man.

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