Children of blood and bone

by Shylah A., Age 13 , Grade 8, Homeschool, San Antonio , TX USA
Teacher: Miss Shelly


This book is probably the best book I will ever read. Blood and bone is like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson all in one! This book has magic and gods, everything I could ever ask for. The author took African gods and created something amazing. This book it’s about a young girl, Zélie, trying to bring magic back to her world. Zèlie will do anything to protect her father and brother and bring magic back. Ian, the prince, wants magic to stay dead and if that means killing someone he will do just that. Zélie and Ian end up falling in love. But by then is to late a bigger war has broke out. Bigger than just bringing back magic. Zèlie ends up bringing back magic with the help of friends in the end. But many people died along the journey including Zèlie’s Father. She has lost both parents at the hands of the king. 

I recommend this book if you like Magic, Gods,romance, and Amazing books!


And get ready! The second book comes out December 4th 2019! 

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