Terrifying Dream

by Triviana B., Age 12 , Grade 7, Sahara International School, Cairo EGYPT
Teacher: Ms.Reham

"Feary you have to go to bed now!"shouted Feary's mother as it was time to go to bed. 

Before Feary had her English exam, she was staring at her computer studying with the markscheme.Unfortunetly, she had to sleep ,for it was 11:00 pm ,and her mother would punish her for sleeping too late before the exam.

It seemed pitch-black under Feary's blanket. Although it sounded ghostly-quiet ,Feary heard her neighbour shouting as usual. Feary kept blinking her eyes a lot until...3...2...1...Feary shut her eyes and went through her dream. 

Playing with Feary's friends at the Kidzone-which is a place with all sorts of games: x-box, paystation,climbing mountains and football-was the start of Feary's dream.Suddenly, something weird happened...

"AAAAHHHH!"screamed Feary.

Something rose from behind the window. It was 5 metres tall which ws about 30 foot.The face was gigantic meanwhile it had eyes as blue as the sea ,and the black hair was dancing across the wind.His hands were black and oily like seals.Who was it? What do you think he was? 

BOOM!!! Pieces of glass entered the room. As a result, Feary's legs were noodles as well as hiding under the blanket.Something metallic shined across the darkness of this hand. Sharp ending metalic thing???

After a while, this hand crept  through the room ,lifted the blanket and the SWORD was approaching Feary.Her heart stood still.Blood was falling on her bed.Feary peered one more time at the enormous thing, and...she woke up.

What a terrible dream!Feary kept panting.She looked at the window and the bed.Neither the window was broken ,nor the bed had blood in it.

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