Obeying God

by Triviana B., Age 12 , Grade 7, Sahara International School, Cairo EGYPT
Teacher: Ms.Reham

One ornamental day, the three best friends: Rabbity, Foxy, and Wolfy, were rushing together across the green lovely mattress of grass,and feeling the sun tickling their faces as they were supposed to be in the king’s castle,Liony,at 9:00 am,and it was 9:30 am.Cute white tulips danced across the wind,and the sky was as blue as the sea.The waves  seemed to call the friends to scorch to the castle. Would the king pass it to them this time,and make them enter his castle?

“Hurry up! We’re too late!”shouted Rabbity.

After a while, the friends arrived in their destination.The castle was gorgeous!It had five floors.On the staircase was a carpet as squiggly as a worm. The garden had a rainbow like shaped tulips and roses. In the throne room sat the king gently on his golden throne.

“Where were you?”asked the king. “You are late again!”

 Rabbity,Foxy ,and Wolfy apologised for their lateness,so they helped king Liony get his breakfast prepared. After he ate his food,King Liony with the help of his servants wanted to set an order to build a mighty statue of a Cow that every animal should worship to because he had a complain from the rat that there were no gods to worship to.

“Would you like the perimeter of this statue to be 32m or 50m?”asked Foxy.

“The largest,”replied King Liony thoughtfully, “and if anyone doesn’t obey me,he or she will be thrown in the TIGER’S CAVE!”

In a few days, the statue was built. It was manufactured from gold like crystal.It seemed to be reflecting its light to the grass. The king was over the moon with his new statue till something strange occured...

“My majesty,There are three animals who didn’t follow your rules!”informed Wolfy.

“Bring them at once!” roared King Liony furiously.

Although the king was not expecting anyone to refuse his order,he found out that it was Caty and Dogy who did not worship the God of Cow.When Caty and Dogy came, King Liony obliged them to be put in the tiger’s cave without any discussion.The king’s feelings were scorching for his dear dukes,yet he was certain that they would be thrown in the cave.Burning with fear for a whole week,the king made haste to the place of death.

“Caty!Dogy!”called King Liony. “Are you in here?”

“Yes sir we are coming!”replied the innocent animals.

The king and his soldiers were awestruck when they found the special dukes saved by their lord. All the animals were worshiping the Cow as usual meanwhile the king was preparing his soldiers to destroy the statue.

“God bless you my dukes and your lord,”exclaimed the king.

Finally,King Liony broke the statue,and let everyone to pray to Caty and Dogy’s lord.

Obey God not people!

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