the real reason why you should subscribe to pewdiepie

by oliver m., Age 12 , Grade 6, MICHIGAN

could you think of a reason to subscribe to someone? Maybe because they're funny, have good content, there a good person, or maybe you just like them. I was looking through this website and saw some stories called why you should subscribe to t-series and a lot of the things that were stated weren't correct. One thing I saw was that t-series makes original music. Well, that evidence was false, t-series gets music that was already made and takes it from the artist without giving them credit and makes there own music video so they got copyrighted. Another thing I saw was that someone said that t-series got insulted by pewdiepie's songs but really pewdiepie made a video stating that the songs were not meant to be insulting. One thing I really don't like about t-series is that they use subscribing bots so they can gain more subscribers than pewdiepie. T-series only gets like 800 thousand views when they have 98 million subscribers and growing because of the sub bots pewdiepie gets 90 million views a video and has 95 million subscribers don't you think that is kind of suspicious also don't you think pewdiepie should get fewer views than t-series. I would love if you could subscribe to pewdiepie because it would mean a lot.

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