bob ross

by bob ross, Age 4 , Kindergarten, bob ross private school, bob ross, BR, BOB ROSS BOB ROSS
Teacher: Bob. Ross


[Lil Barnacle]: Like this song if you like vaginas
[Lil Limabean]: I like vaginas!
[Lil Barnacle]: I also like vaginas

(Verse 1)
[Lil Barnacle]: Watching porn
Watching porn
Blowing on my dick like a bassed horn
Jizz on your mom like a snowstorm
I’ve been fucking bitches since I was a newborn
Row, row, row
Row row your boat
Lil Barnacle is the fucking goat
I take a shit and then it floats
My jizz lookin’ like some cream cheese toast
(Verse 2)
[Lil Limabean]: I like Elmo ‘cause he’s red
I do not like whole wheat bread
I don’t want to go to bed
Ball tires they have no tread
A, b, c, d, e, f gilly
H, i, j, k, l, m, n, o puppy
Q, r, s, t, u, vagina
W, x, y and a zebra
(Verse 3)
[Lil Barnacle]: Condom on a dick
Lookin’ like a tictac
Got some lotion
Rub it on my ballsack
Eat her ass, like a flapjack
In the whip, thumping Nickelback
[Lil Barnacle]: Yeah, I like porn
I like porn (x5)
It makes my dick hard (x3)

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