The magical ocean world

by Lydia J, Age 10 , Grade 4


                                                       Chapter 1
                                                   A magical night 
One night Maddie was taking a walk on the beach with her mom when she saw 
 something shiny in the golden, rough  sand. She sat down on the sand and picked it up off the ground. Then she realized that it was some type of crystal. 
“What are you doing, honey?” said her mom
“Ow….. nothing. I just found a cool rock that’s all”
“Okay” but we better get going, dad is grilling for dinner tonight” 
“Okay” said Maddie as her and her mom walked back to the house together. Maddie’s house was big and creamy yellow color and is right on the beach it even has its own dock and walkway. At school the girls would tease her about having a big house. This made Maddie feel sad. But she knew that she just had to ignore them.
That night Maddie was on the walkway putting her feet in the water. When all of the sudden she saw a shadow in front of her, it seemed to have pushed her in. When she was in the water she realized that she was not her normal self. She had turned into a mermaid. Her tail was shiny and blue with a green top. Maddie was in shock and a million thoughts Jammed into her head.
                                                            Chapter 2 
                                                               A new beginning     
The next morning when Maddie woke up she remembered what happened to her the night before. “Was it a dream?” she thought as she got out of bed. 
“Well there is only one way to find out.”  Maddie put on her swimsuit and went to the walkway and jumped in and before she knew it she was a mermaid and swimming in the ocean as free as can be. “This is AMAZING” she said as she swam to the walkway. As soon as she came out she was a human again.
At breakfast that morning Maddie was in a better mood than she usually was on Monday mornings. 
“Are you excited for school” asked her mom as she put a piece of toast in her mouth. 
Then the thought came to Maddie... she still had to go to school. She wanted to stay home and swim in the ocean. She had to keep a secret because who knows what could happen if people found out that she was a mermaid. What would they think? 
Then all the visions went through her head of her being tested in a lab so she quickly said, “Yes I am actually because we are doing a cool project in science,” she lied to her mom and dad.
Well I’m glad you are” said her mom and dad
But a different life was going to be different from now on so maybe school would be too.

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