Daddy Come Back

by Austin l., Age 17 , Grade 11, Medina County High School, Medina , OHIO USA

im meliracly insane. i do this stuff in vain, im so messed up in the head dawg i swear im deranged, same old stuff man stuff never changed, goin against gods words cause what he said dont mean zhit, claims he can save us but he couldnt even save his own son, thats why hood kids stay starped with a gun, i been on my own all of this time, im 17 locked up for commiting crime... brother from another mother, forizle my nizle, my haters are my renegaders like negotiators but who the are you, im cryin money flyin tryin lyin high as hail, i was goin up but then fell, like i said 17 in an outa jail, like my life is a spell, im cursed but im blessed, yes ive reminessed, cause i got alot of problems alot of issues of my own one thing i know is my dads not coming home, he chose the drugs over his son, he livin on the run, livin close to his gun, once my daddy told me son dont be afraid, lookin back now i wish he woulda stayed, cause once he left me my future was laid, lonely and depressed so i picked up a blade...


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